Apr 08, 2016 · My Kindle Fire connects to wifi but not the internet! Reset the wi-fi router and reset the Kindle. That's like half of all tech support advice anyone could give me. Reboot all the hardware and

Amazon's Kindle e-reader enables you to directly connect to your Amazon.com account and download your books, magazines and newspapers to your device. Both the regular Kindle and Paperwhite version The "Love My Fire" website now has a method to install Google Play on Kindle Fire, so that you can download any app directly from the Google store. There is a lot of good stuff on this site. As far as I can tell, when you select "Install Apps from Unknown Sources", that merely means that you can install apps that don't come from the Amazon store. Sep 18, 2018 · You can also try to connect your Kindle to your PC, using Calibre. Switch off your computer and Kindle, then unplug all the cables attached. Once you’ve switched your PC back on, you can open Calibre, then try connecting your Kindle to your computer. Turn on your e-book reader and check if you’ve resolved the issue. Method 7: Enabling ADB Since the latest Windows 10 update I have been unable to download ebooks from my computer to my kindle. I last transferred a book just before the update, so I am sure that is the problem. The kindle connects to the computer. The light on the kindle shows it connected and it accepts a charge. But when I connect to Calibre the kindle is not shown.

Feb 15, 2020

The short answer is “you don’t”, I’m afraid. The Fire 7 doesn’t have a sim card, and so cannot use mobile networks for data. You need wifi to access the internet. Amazon Kindle Fire owners reporting Wi-Fi bug. Some owners of Amazon's new tablet have already been reporting trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks or to the Internet in general.

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