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The fastest internet speeds are available from Fiber-Optic and Cable connections, up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps). Fast internet speeds, those over 25 Mbps, are usually rare in the country… List of countries by Internet connection speeds - Wikipedia This list of countries by Internet connection speed lists the average data transfer rates for Internet access by end-users. Average connection speeds. Overall Internet speed by Akamai Technologies (Q1 2017) Mobile Country/Territory Avg. connection speed 1 Internet access grows worldwide but remains higher in Feb 22, 2016 Demographics of Internet and Home Broadband Usage in the Jun 12, 2019

Jul 23, 2020

List of countries by number of Internet users - Wikipedia 216 rows Wisconsin task force looks to expand internet in 'Indian

Access to information throughout the country is also hurt by a prohibition against mobile Wi-Fi, and means Eritreans are only able to access the internet via slow dial-up modems, which could account for the very low access rate of just 1%.

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