May 08, 2020

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Open recursive DNS resolver test

OpenDNS is an alternative DNS server. DNS servers translate URLs—for example,—into IP addresses. Your computer can’t connect to a website without knowing the IP address. It’s kind of like a phone book—instead of having to memorize a bunch of number sequences to access websites, you just tell your computer the name of the Best Free DNS Servers of 2020 | 14 Options to Check Out

Cloud Delivered Enterprise Security by OpenDNS /

Cloud Delivered Enterprise Security by OpenDNS / Free and Public DNS Server List (Valid July 2020) Jul 01, 2020 Best free and public DNS servers in 2020 | TechRadar Jun 18, 2020 10 Best DNS Servers in 2020 (Free and Public) | Beebom Cloudflare DNS. Cloudflare is one of the world’s topmost company working in the web performance …