Same issue here: I'm trying to make a small in-app purchase in Need For Speed: No Limits and the in-game Google Play applet chooses the wrong gmail account, with no way to change it. I downloaded the game from the correct account I want to use, and I am logged into that account in Google Play, but the Play applet in-game is choosing a different

Avoid accidental purchases by protecting your Google Play Jul 17, 2013 Google Product Forums I haev tried different cards and even a google play voucher. I have tried to purchase from my mobile and via my google account using a normal PC and web browser. Nothing works. I am unable to purchase anything. I can download free apps but when I want to purchase an app, google tells me my payment method is not valid. See screenshot attached. Google Play Console

Set Google Play to Require a Password for Every Purchase

So here we go, it is very easy to turn off In app purchases. Google Play Store provides the option to turn off IAPs. After turning off IAPs, the purchases requires a pin code. If you want to make a purchase, you have to enter a specific PIN code and only then it will allow you to make the purchase. How To Buy Music From Google Play | Technobezz Jan 15, 2020 How to remove test IAP purchase from Android Google Play

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Password Protect Google Play Store Purchasing on Android