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How do I map network drive when connected to VPN at home Jan 31, 2019 How To Map A Network Drive Via VPN - Cornell University 1. Connect to the Cornell VPN using Cisco AnyConnect. 2. Right click on "Computer" and select "Map Network Drive" from the menu. 3. In the the "Map Network Drive" box that pops up, select a drive letter to use. 4. In the "Folder:" field, enter the folder which you would like to connect to. Mapping a Network Drive through VPN on - Cisco Community Mapping a Network Drive through VPN on a WRVS4400N router I have a WRVS4400N router and have successfully connected via Quick VPN Client from my laptop running XP. I can ping any IP on my network, I can access HTTP addresses and remote desktop (VNC) applications but I cannot map a ne

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Map a Network Drive - Office of Information Technology Before you begin, make sure you have the path to the drive. If you are off campus, connect to the VPN first.. If your Home Drive has been moved to OneDrive, you’ll need to access using the instructions on our OneDrive How-To.. Choose an option below to get started.